The Amount Of Time Weed Stays In Your System

Weed can be referred to as a herb in some circles and as a drug in others. This is because it has numerous benefits when used in a controlled environment and still has various degrees of side effects when abused. The most common questions that many wonder about usually is the time weed stays in your system. This question is a good one to ask yourself before even indulging in its use. First understand that no one person reacts the same as another, therefore, the results vary from one individual to the next. There is a chemical that is produced upon consumption of weed known as THC. There are many places in the human body that can be tested for the consumption of weed. Visit this site to get started.

The blood is the most natural place where weed is to be found. Whether you have smoked weed or directly ingested it, it shall be broken down in your bloodstream first. Signs of using weed may not manifest for long in the blood though. It is why the first test that people take if involved in an accident is the blood test as it usually shows the high prevalence of weed in your system at the time of accident. Weed may stay in the blood for utmost two days after use if you are not a frequent smoker but then can also still be in your blood after a week after your last smoke if you are a frequent smoker. Click here for more info.

Urine is also another way to check the prevalence of weed. Well, one is not under influence of weed if it is found in the urine but it shows the person is a weed user. It usually is determined by the person's metabolism rate and of course how often one smokes or ingests weed.

Given the many kinds of testing the time marijuana has stayed in one's body, there is also the method of saliva test. It actually does not have a big difference compared to other methods. Perhaps the difference could be time taken to detect what amount of cannabis sativa has stayed in your body. So, with blood test for an individual who has consumed weed within twenty four hours, when a saliva test is done it will be detected within twenty four hours. It is recommended that a more advanced test be carried out which takes more than forty eight hours and it is very effective and produces reliable results.